Stainless steel processing

Welcome to Arten

We realize manwaydoors and manhole covers as well as special processing and carpentry according to drawing.

Wide range of models

Manwaydoors and manhole covers

Besides a wide range of standard products, we develop customized products together with our customers, for any type of application.

We realize special projects

Projects based on drawing

We realize stainless steel machining of medium-light carpentry.

Who we are

We transform stainless steel in high quality products

We are an innovative company which is specialized in stainless steel processing

We have two departments that collaborate with each other: the production of manwaydoors and manhole covers and the carpentry which takes care of special projects based on drawing.

the catalogue

Stainless steel manwaydoors and manhole covers

Our products are designed with different shapes and dimensions, with the aim of satisfying any request and adapt to the most common application materials.

For stainless steel

For wood

For concrete

For fiber glass

For terracotta


Carpentry based on drawing

We realize projects based on drawing

Our products are studied and designed for each field of application

We are specialized in the realization of stainless steel components for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, petrolchemical and industrial sector.

Food industry

Chemical pharmaceutical





Production process

An effective and complete working method

Our method is constantly evolving and getting better, with the aim of increasing our customers’ satisfaction and optimizing all stages of production.


Expertise and experience allow us to quickly transform an idea into a finished product.

Raw material

We guarantee a reliable supply of excellent quality.

Processing and assembly

Cura artigianale e macchinari all’avanguardia per ottenere risultati ottimali.


Our products are designed to be long-lasting.


Quickness, efficiency and stock control are our strenght.


Advanced machinery for high quality production.


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