August 27, 2021
Stage and interniships: local training and international projects

We strongly believe in training young people as a driving force to progress. For this reason, welcoming young boys and girls for internship and training experiences has become a habit in ARTEN. We host high school students thanks to the Italian project “Alternanza Scuola Lavoro”, which allows them to spend some time working in a real company instead of going to school. And often we also host university students which need this experience to complete their studies curricula.

We have been collaborating during several years with many professional institutes in Brescia, for the integration of young trainees in our productive department. Regarding our sales and technical department, we have collaborated with “Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore” and “Università degli studi di Brescia”.

Besides the network of local students, five years ago we had the opportunity to start an international project.

In 2016, the “Cooperativa Tempo Libero”, a non-profit organization for educational service and social assistance, asked us to participate to “EuroSkill-plus”. It is a training project which is supported by the European Community that allows European students to discover their future job in a different country, learning new techniques and approaches to work and professional competence.

Our first guest was Mateusz, from Poland: a great start that made us decide to repeat this experience of reciprocate enrichment. In fact, Mateusz quickly adapted to our rhythm and way of working, overcoming the linguistic barriers to our great surprise. In the same year we welcomed Marius from Germany, and then in 2017 Evan e Nathan from France. Jose, our last European trainee, came in the spring of 2018 from Spain.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the project is on standby, but we hope we will be able to start again as soon as possible. In fact, we got positively surprised by the international students’ passion and enthusiasm of learning. A breath of fresh air which gave us new incentives and tools for reflection to better ourselves and amplify our corporate vision.

According to us, “taking the risk” of training new resources is the real asset.

The focus on people and the trust which grows between them and the company increase the well-being and the bond to the firm, leading to positive effects for the productivity and the growth of the business itself.