February 28, 2023

New year, new instruments.

Following the evolution of the market on the Internet, we launched a new website, which is more captivating and usable.

It was designed to be responsive and effective for the customers; it now offers all the useful technical information, and the visitors can find all the answers to any doubt, easily and quickly. The aim is to reduce doubt and perplexities about our products’ purchase.

We rearranged the setting of the catalogue session, by dividing the products into different categories.

We created a page for each product, where you can find all the technical information and data:

  • – render and basic technical data (dimension, materials, available certifications, pressure, etc.)
  • the button “data sheet” to download the detailed technical data sheet
  • the button “drawing” to open our online archive of pdf and 3D drawings
  • the example of installation.

Moreover, the page “Certificates” allows, with one single click, to have direct and always available access to our archive of:

  • material certificates
  • gaskets certificates
  • sheet metals certificates

We realized a website that expresses our professionalism and our work ethic: we put passion, dedication, quickness, and efficiency in what we do!

Well, we wish you a good navigation!