March 26, 2021
Confined environments – Our new ART 392

In our industry, there are many situations (like inspection, cleaning, and maintenance interventions) where an operator could find himself working in a “confined environment”. This term refers to a restricted space which is characterized by limited access openings and an adverse natural ventilation, where a major accident like a serious injury or a death could take place. It is a duty to implement measures to avoid any accident related to the activities in such environments.

The access openings of pipes, tubs, tanks, and similar containers must be big enough to allow the possible recovery of an unconscious operator. Usually, an adult takes up the space of a 60cm (width of the shoulders) x 45cm (depth of the body) ellipse. Anyway, the recommended sizes of the openings depend on various aspects: location and accessibility of the openings, way of access, free space above, ahead and under them, use of PPE, eventual platforms, posture, and movement of the body, etc.

For these reasons, the container’s builders may require many different dimensions. ARTEN tried to solve this problem and meet this need by developing an extremely custom-made product. It has been studied to be a personalized answer that can satisfy every single customer in a specific and efficient way.

We are glad to present our new manwaydoor ART 392. Its measures are customizable, from a minimum of 300mm to a maximum of 2000m each side. All the characteristics of the manway are studied ad hoc with our technical department which will make a drawing to be approved. This new product is completely custom-made and able to guarantee a whole personalized experience.

ARTEN’s added values has always been the capability to adapt to the customer’s requirement to supply a complete and satisfying result. Even our standard items have many personalization: different frame’s height, various types of handwheels and gaskets, possibility to choose different finishing and possible specific bending.

The big news of ART 392 is the possibility to modify the dimensions of the product to meet specific requirements, which are now more present and frequent than ever in every sector.

Download the technical data sheet by clicking on the following link:

ART 392