April 22, 2021
Marking process: traceability and personalization

According to ARTEN, the marking process is a precious and essential tool to guarantee traceability and transparency about our product’s origin.

Once the stainless-steel sheet metals arrive at our factory, they go through a quality check. After being tested, a “lot number” is assigned to each lot of material. Towards the end of the production process, this lot number is marked on the piece realized by using the reference sheet metal.

Usually, our manholes’ frames are marked by a microprint system of engraving, while for our covers we use a laser marking machine. The marking process is one of the last phases of production and, in addition to the lot number, we also mark the type of material (es: AISI 304/316/…) and, just on the covers, even the code of the gasket which must be mounted on the final item. So, it will be easier for the customer to identify the spare parts for future substitutions.

Besides standard markings, in ARTEN the added value of this tool is recognized as the possibility to make the customer experience unique.

Indeed, on request, it is possible to have the customer’s logo laser-marked on the cover or the frame of the manhole or manwaydoor. This service is very much appreciated by our customers who ask for it because it makes our high-quality products even more personalized and unique.