April 29, 2022
Why choose Arten

Besides the quality of our raw materials and our craftsmanship, ARTEN’s added value is our particular attention to the customers’ needs. Thanks to our forty years of experience of selling manways and manholes, we are able to renew ourselves to meet the market’s needs, which are constantly evolving and transforming. Our customer service is based on five key points:


Our sales department guides the customer in choosing the product, in a personal and unique way. We know the sector is highly fragmented and each customer has his proper requirements. Therefore we commit to communicate with the customer and understand his specific needs, so we can guide him better in choosing the most suitable model. A small detail is often enough to make the difference and improve the efficiency of a product, for example a different type of gasket. But of course, sometimes the customer doesn’t know that, so it’s our duty to help him making a more informed choice.


We provide 3D drawings for free, so that the customer can personally verify the measures, thus facilitating his work. We often develop drawings on request for specific customizations. We believe the customer must view and approve the drawings before proceeding with production, so that errors and misunderstanding can be avoided.


Our commitment to the customer does not end in helping him to find the optimal solution in the offer phase, but it continues after the sale. In fact, our sales office is available for any need or clarification, answering to any complaints or non-conformities, also when they are caused by old installations. We try to understand the problem together with the customer, to solve it as soon as possible. When it’s necessary, our team carries our inspections to guarantee assistance on the installation site.


ARTEN commits to respect the previously established delivery times, to promptly communicate any (occasional) delay, or sometimes advance, with the aim of meeting any customer’s urgency. When the transport is organized by ARTEN, a call or an e-mail is enough to immediately receive information about the status of the shipment.


Guaranteeing the traceability our goods is fundamental to us. We developed a system to facilitate the consultation of the material certifications, so that the customer can download the certificated directly from the website autonomously. We already talked about traceability in our blog, for further information please read the past articles about this topic.