September 28, 2023
Our finishings

Stainless steel’s surface is often subject to alterations, with the aim of improving its properties. According to the type of alteration process, we can have different types of finishing.

Our manwaydoors and manhole covers have standard finishing, as below:

  • For frames with thickness 2/2,5mm


INTERNAL: 2B finishing

  • For frames with thickness 6/8/10/12mm



  • Covers are all mechanically polished
  • Arms and other accessories are brushed or sandblasted (according to the model)

All the above finishings must be considered our standard and they are hand made by our artisans, with the help of different machines and abrasives.

On request, we also realize other different types of finishing, like the mechanical polishing and the micro blasting finishing with ceramic or glass microspheres.

Our products have good roughness standards. In fact, the medium roughness of our frames is almost Ra <0,8, while the one of covers is Ra <0,4. If the customer needs a lower roughness value, we can realize more refined satin finishings. This happens on request, and with the approval of our technical department. After the finishing is completed, we make sample testing on the finished product, to guarantee a medium roughness that meets the one required by the customer.

For doubts or requests, you can directly address our sales department that will be glad to give you all the information you may need.